Pierre Area

American City Business Journal, the nation’s largest publisher of metropolitan business newspapers, says the Pierre area (Hughes County) ranks first in the state and 95th in the nation for quality of life.

For businesses, Pierre, South Dakota, does have its advantages:

No corporate income tax

No personal property tax

No inheritance tax

Lowest average unemployment insurance rates

Fourth lowest overall crime rate state in the nation

Expansion Management Education Quotient Gold Medal school district

Over 25 percent of adults with college degrees

No personal income tax

No business inventory tax

Competitive workers' compensation rates

Right-to-work state

Average commute time of under 10 minutes

Highest graduation rates in the nation

For a quality lifestyle, Pierre, South Dakota, has just as many advantages:

Check out life along the Missouri River, with its bountiful game, fish and recreational opportunities, at www.pierre.org.

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